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Public events in an instant meeting room

Working with instant meeting rooms

Are you looking for the perfect solution to spread your brand awareness and reach a wider audience?

Or would you like to create an event that your attendees can access in one click?

Indeed, by creating a public event, everyone can join the instant meeting room through the same single access link without filling out a registration form.

Public events also open up other possibilities, such as open office hours events and quick huddle meetings.

So how do you do it?

Control panel

First, you need to sign in to your control panel of MyOwnConference. Fill in your email and password, then click on the «Sign in» button.

Then navigate to the «instant meeting rooms» menu item in the main menu.

And click on the «New room» button beside the main menu.

Name of the instant meeting room

Enter your instant meeting room name or leave it as is if you never mind.

Moderators & Presenters

Invite the other moderators or presenter if you need it.

We will discuss this process in detail in a separate article which you can find here: How to manage and invite moderators to your online events?

Ready to go?

Click the «Create event» button to finish the instant meeting room creation process.

After successful finish the event creation process, you will get the link to share with your attendees to invite them to join the online meeting.

And, of course, you will get the links to share and invite your event presenters.

Just click on the link in the field to get copied to the clipboard. Then share the link with the attendees through any channels, like messengers, emails or social networks.

Just do the same with the links for the event presenters.

Also, you can send the link directly to the presenter's mailbox in case the presenter was added with the email address to the moderator's list before.

This button will be disabled if your event moderator or presenter does not have an email address.

Besides this, you can sign in to the instant meeting room on behalf of yourself or other moderators you have invited to the event just by clicking the button «Open» beside the selected moderator.

Enter the instant meeting room

In summary

You can watch the small video of all steps described above.

You can see the «Advanced settings» button in a few screenshots above. Our other article will return to this topic to give you ideas about your instant meeting room's excellent and professional configuration.

Additional information

If you haven't found the answer to your query in this guide, explore other educational materials and video lessons available. Reach out to our online support through the website or your control panel for further assistance.

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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