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How to invite attendees to your webinar?

Table of Contents

Collecting contacts
Adding contacts manually
Attendees import
Configuring the login page
Sharing the link in messengers and on social networks
Utilising landing page mode
Dispatching invitations
Removing attendees
Additional information

In this guide, we will walk you through various methods to invite attendees to your webinar.

Collecting contacts

Explore different avenues to amass the contacts you'll need for a webinar:

Adding contacts manually
Importing an address list
Configuring the login page settings
Sharing the webinar link through messengers and social networks
Utilising a landing page

Adding contacts manually

You can manually add attendees in the "Attendees" section. To do this:

Click the "New attendee" button

Fill in the "First Name", "Last Name", and "Email" fields

Specify an attendee group or retain the default "No group" option

Attendees import

Import your attendees list from another email or CRM system using a CSV or XLSX file, or by copying and pasting email addresses.

Adding attendees from contact list

Invite attendees who have previously engaged with your webinars and are saved in your contact list. From the "Attendees" section, select users individually or use filters. It's possible to sort attendees by status:

All – Users who attended or showed interest in your webinars.
Active – Users unsubscribed from mail campaigns or removed from the system; they won't receive your messages.
Inactive – Users blocked by the presenters.

You can create groups to filter attendees and target communications for specific webinars.

Configuring the login page

Set up the login page that attendees see upon joining. This page can double as a landing page for gathering potential participants' contacts.

Access this through the "Advanced Settings, Registration" tab. Customize the page by adding fields like "Phone number", "Skype", or "City". Adjust the visual elements to include or exclude details such as the presenter’s name and webinar description.

After planning your webinar, share the generated link on social platforms, messengers, forums, and websites.

Utilising landing page mode

A landing page summarises the essential webinar details, encouraging users to register. Activate this in the advanced settings of your recurring webinar to foster email and contact information collection. Use this tool to enhance your marketing strategies.

Dispatching invitations

Configure invitations and reminders via the "Emails" tab found in "Additional Settings". By default, attendees receive three reminders: 3 days, 1 day, and 1 hour before the event. Ensure timely notification even for late registrations through the system's automatic email dispatch.

Moreover, you can use other mailing systems to send out invitations by exporting the attendees list to your PC.

Removing attendees

Should you need to remove attendees, navigate to "Schedule", select your webinar, and then choose "Settings". Here, deselect the attendees to be removed and hit "Back".

To permanently remove an attendee from your list, follow these steps:

Go to "Attendees".
Select the individuals to remove.
Click "Delete selected".

Adjust filters to view only active attendees, hiding those with incorrect email addresses or those marked as inactive.

Additional information

If you haven't found the answer to your query in this guide, explore other educational materials and video lessons available. Reach out to our online support through the website or your control panel for further assistance.

We wish you successful webinars!

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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