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How to utilise landing page mode?

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Landing page
Setting up a landing page
Sharing the link or using the embed code

Landing page

Within your recurring webinar, you have the option to activate landing mode. A landing page provides the primary information about a webinar. Its main purpose is to collect emails and other contact details, such as phone numbers, Skype usernames, organisation and department names, and so on. These details can be gathered even in the absence of scheduled events.

Landing pages aren't specific to a single webinar. They can complement other marketing endeavours. For instance, they can be used to invite individuals to upcoming events that haven't been dated yet. Links to landing pages are permanent, allowing you to incorporate them into your resources without the need for periodic updates.

All contact information acquired through landing pages will appear in the "Attendees" section. As the account holder, you'll have the ability to invite these contacts to any future events.

Setting up a landing page

Sign in to your MyOwnConference account

Navigate to your Instant meeting room

And select "Settings" for one of the instant meeting rooms

Then click on "Advanced settings"

Enable "Landing page mode"

Then confirm your action

Additionally, you can specify the language and integrate analytics to monitor webpage attendance

Add a description, ensuring it does not exceed 300 characters.

Change the name of the event

So, your landing page is now set up.

Copy the link from the "Share event" section.

Distribute the direct link via your social media platforms and messaging apps

Or insert the embed code to your website page

Once you've configured your landing page mode, the link can be replicated from your control panel. To refine the settings further, revisit "Advanced Settings".

Within "Advanced Settings", you have the ability to control the visibility of various fields. Moreover, you can designate a group where attendees will be placed, enabling you to dispatch emails and reminders more efficiently.

While you and other presenters can access the webinar room to upload content or conduct a session, attendees will only be directed to the registration page.

Simplify your marketing strategy with landing page mode. Let's activate it together!

Setting up a landing page with MyOwnConference is straightforward.
However, should you encounter any issues or have questions, our technical support team is on hand to assist.

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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