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Getting started on MyOwnConference

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Initial steps in your dashboard
Entering the event room
Creating and scheduling an event
Adding attendees
Incorporating a presenter or a moderator
Uploading documents for an event
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To commence with the MyOwnConference online event platform, it's essential to set up a trial account. Click on "Try for free" for registration somewhere on our website.

Initial steps in your dashboard

We recommend changing your password immediately. Navigate to the Profile section and click on "Change your password" and then enter your new password twice to confirm.

Within the same area, you can modify the dashboard language. The available options are English, German, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, Romanian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Hebrew.

In the "Profile" section, ensure you've selected the appropriate time zone as this affects your email campaigns and event timings.

Pick your preferred payment method.

Input the legal entity's details here if you require specific payment documents in case you work behind the company.

Upon registration, you'll receive an email containing a link to your dashboard. Alternatively, you can access the dashboard via this link:

Entering the event room

Once logged into the dashboard, you can bypass the planning stage and begin your event straight away. Access the "Instant meeting rooms" menu and select "Share event".

To access an existing event room, simply click the "Open" button.

A variety of settings can be modified within the event room, including uploading files, devising polls, copying invitation links, and tweaking presenter options.

Creating and scheduling an events

To schedule your event, click the "New event" button.

You can also review and organise your upcoming events in this section.

Clicking on the "New event" option brings up the event planning interface. Here you can define the event's name, provide a description, set the date and time, decide the duration, and invite both presenters and attendees.

Note: The duration is a rough estimate for scheduling. Your event won't automatically conclude when this time is reached.

Delve into "Additional settings" to customise your event's appearance and functionality. The "General" tab allows adjustments to the event room's aesthetics and functionalities. In the "Registration" tab, you can customise the entry window for your event. The "Recording" tab grants control over what parts of the event will appear in recordings.

For analytical purposes, you can also integrate tools like Google Tag Manager to gain insights on participant behaviour and measure your promotional success.

Lastly, the "Emails" tab lets you set up reminder emails for participants.

Adding attendees

To incorporate attendees to your event, go to the "Attendees" section. Here you can add them manually or import a list if you've already got one.

You also have the option to add attendees from previous events using various filters.

Furthermore, you can export attendee lists to your computer with specific details.

Incorporating a presenter or a moderator

MyOwnConference differentiates between presenters and moderators. While a moderator has a broader set of controls, including broadcasting and chat moderation, an invited presenter primarily hosts the event without the added controls.

To include a moderator, simply follow the prompts.

Do note, however, that each moderator occupies a slot in the event room.

Uploading documents for an event

To add documents for your event, access the event room.

Click on "Documents" and pick the relevant subsection based on what you want to add: Presentations, Media, Recordings, Polls, Surveys, or Call to Action (CTA).

Additional information

If you haven't found the answer to your query in this guide, explore other educational materials and video lessons available. Reach out to our online support through the website or your control panel for further assistance.

Good luck with your first event!

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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