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Can I add my own background on the presenter’s webcam?

No, currently we only support the background blur feature on the presenter's webcam!

Let's explore why this is the case

Our main goal is to ensure maximum audience reach. We aim to make our webinars accessible on any device and under any conditions, whether it’s high-end computers or budget smartphones, fast internet or slow connections.

Our goal is to deliver your content to as many participants as possible!

This is why we chose to operate through a browser. This means participants don’t need to download and install additional software. They can join your webinar with a single click on the link, making the process as simple and accessible as possible.

Why don’t we support custom backgrounds on the webcam?

Such a feature requires significant computational resources, as each video frame from the presenter's webcam needs to be processed mathematically to replace the background. This puts a heavy load on the device’s processor and quickly drains the battery, which is especially critical for mobile devices and budget phones, used by many of our users.

We carefully consider each feature to ensure it does not degrade user experience or cause performance issues. Background blur is a compromise that enhances the video appearance without significant resource expenditure.

Our mission is to ensure stable and high-quality webinars for all users, regardless of their device or internet speed.

Taking all these factors into account, we decided to stick with the background blur feature.

We are constantly working to improve our service and are open to your suggestions. If future technology allows us to implement background replacement without significant resource costs, we will certainly consider adding this feature.

We hope this answer fully addresses your question and explains the reasons for our decision.

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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