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Attendees user guide

Platform MyOwnConference is a browser-based all-in-one video communication platform. This means you can access the online event from any browser installed on your laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet device.

Here is a guide on attending an online event and troubleshooting should you have any issues with viewing or hearing the event.

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Registering for a event
Technical requirements
How to join an event from the computer?
How to join an event from a mobile or tablet device?
Interaction & customizations during an event
How to speak during an event?
Dealing with technical issues
Additional information

Registering for a event

It's very easy to register for an online event that is held on the platform MyOwnConference. You can either register with your email address or with Google Connect in case it is enabled and if you have a Google account, of course.

Persons who have invited you to the webinar will send you a link to the registration page. In addition, they can send you the link by email notification directly to your inbox or, for example, by any messengers, like WhatsApp, Telegram, and such.

The link for event registration must have a proper format, like:


Where xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is the unique alias of the online event held on our platform.

If you get the wrong link, you will see the window shown below

So, if you see this error message, you have followed the wrong event link. Then what should you do in this case?

First of all, you should not panic. Second, you should remember that you DO NOT need to register somewhere else on our website or control panel. It will not help.

Registration on our platform is required only when you want to host your own events, such as webinars, online meetings, and video conferences.

Attendance at an event is possible ONLY via the correct links we showed you above, which were emailed to you by the event organizers or sent to you by them via messaging or social networks.

Therefore, what should you do when a link to an event does not work?

Check the link one more time. It is expected to look similar to Where xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is the event alias.
Copy it once again and open it in your web browser, or even try to open it in other browsers. Sometimes it helps.
Contact your webinar organizers via email, messengers, or social media and ask them to give you a proper link to the event you were invited.

Technical requirements

To participate in an event, you need a modern enough desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection of at least 5 Mbit/s.

To reduce the possibility of issues interrupting the webinar, we recommend you pause or stop any internet downloads and close any open browser tabs. In addition, we recommend that you temporarily disable any applications that might impact the Internet connection speed or device speed, e.g., Skype, Telegram, or others.

Ok, everything looks good then ...

How to join an event?

What follows are step-by-step instructions for joining a webinar:

Navigate your inbox approximately 10-20 minutes before the event starts to click on the upcoming event link you have received from the event organizer.

Step #2: Registration page

Once you click on the link, a window will open in your default browser. You will have to fill out this authorization form before joining the webinar. All fields that are presented to you are required and must be filled in correctly to register for the event.

You can also join the event by using the Google Connect method. To use this method, press the icon corresponding to the account you want to use. This will invoke the Social Entrance Authorization service, which will require access to your account. After you have joined the event, you can close access to the service.

After entering information into all of the required fields, click on the «Sign up» button to enter the event room. Next, the platform will ask you for your data and cookies processing agreements. This is an essential step that can not be avoided.

Also, as you could mention, both fields are already filled with the attendee's name and email... We try to restore this data automatically if you have visited another event on our platform.

We keep these data in the encrypted session assigned to your browser only.

So, well done... If everything is fine and all steps are done, you are at the event and ready to get helpful information from the speakers! ... Or, wait a bit in case the event is not started yet.

How to join an event from a mobile or tablet device?

You can participate in the events and meetings held at the platform MyOwnConference using a mobile or tablet browser by simply clicking on the link you received from the event organizers. However, when the registration window opens, you will need to do the same steps from the computer and enter your credentials to register for the event.

We will also ask you for data and cookie processing from mobile and tablet devices. Click the «Accept» button to confirm or leave the platform; otherwise, we cannot give you our service without using one necessary cookie to store your session.

After you click the «Accept» button, we ask you for your name and other personal data the event organizers might require.

So, well done... If everything is fine and all steps are done, you are at the event and ready to get helpful information from the speakers! ... Or, wait a bit in case the event is not started yet.

Interaction & customizations during an event

Once you enter the event:

You can ask questions to event organizers or even ask to speak as a guest presenter

You can expand the event room to the entire screen

You can increase or decrease the font size in the text chat

You can check and configure your webcam and microphone in case you plan to speak as a guest presenter during an online event

You can read this attendee guide one more time by clicking the documentation item at the right menu

You can change the event room localization if you do not understand the language the event organizers configured while scheduling the event

And, of course, you can leave the event when you want to go in case the topic is not interesting to you

You will be logged out from the event room and forwarded to the registration page again

We are now returning to the central area of the event room. It always includes three parts:

The presenter webcam (remember, it can be a few presenters at one event)

The presentation itself, which the presenter speaks about

Remember, you can see the YouTube video or screen sharing instead of the presentation. It depends on what the presenter is speaking about and what tools they use.

And text chat, where you can communicate with other attendees during an event

You can type your message here in the particular area under the main text chat window

You even can send emojis if you want to show your mood to the presenters and other attendees

Remember, please! While the event is in progress, you must respect the presenters and other attendees. Otherwise, the event organizers may remove you from the event room and even ban you forever.

👉 In case you see an empty event room like in the image below

Do not be in a panic! It could mean that the event has not started yet, and presenters are still preparing to start.

👉 If the event is already finished, you will see the other window, as we show you in the image below

How to speak during an event?

So, you have been invited to be the guest speaker during the event. What to do?

The main thing is not to worry. Everything will start automatically when the moderator agrees with your request to speak or send the request to you from his end.

As explained in this article above, check your webcam and microphone before, and everything will be fine.

Happy attendance of the events on our platform!

Dealing with technical issues

There are several situations that you might encounter that could prevent you from joining the event; the most common are as follows:

The link to the event does not work
You can not register for the event
You can not hear the presenter
You can not see the presenter
You hear echo
Problems with text chat

Some but not all of these situations may be attributed to technical issues with your hardware, your browser, or in some cases, your installed software. However, to ensure that you can join the event, there are a few things that you need to check before:

You use a modern web browser that supports HTML5
JavaScript is enabled in your browser
The installed browser extensions are not blocking our platform

Please note: In most cases, restarting your computer or router and clearing the cache in your web browser will solve most issues. More information on how to clear your web browser cache is available in our video tutorials.

But perhaps you might need to run the system test to identify other possible reasons for the issues...

How to run the system test?

Before you even join an event, running the system test is a good idea to ensure that your computer and the internet connection meet the minimum requirements. To do this, click this link to open the system test window:

Your browser will open our site and launch the system test. You will see something like the one we describe in the images below...

Starting the hardware check

Checking necessary opened ports and available protocols

Checking connectivity and the Internet speed

Checking the webcam

Checking the microphone

Checking the speaker's volume level

All steps must be green ✔️ as a good result

👉 Few words about necessary connection speed

A minimum of 256 Kbps per upstream and downstream speed is necessary to join the instant room or scheduled event.

Read more about technical requirements in our other article: Technical requirements to use MyOwnConference

How to resolve the echo effect

If you are experiencing an audio echo effect, you should first determine if it is your or the presenter's side that is causing it. To do this, contact the presenter and ask them to lower their microphone sensitivity to the minimum level and disable all other audio input devices. If this does not eliminate the echo, then the problem is from your side. To eradicate the audio effect in your system, follow these steps:

Use a headset.
If you use a standalone microphone and speakers instead of a headset, try to decrease the speakers’ volume or lower the microphone’s sensitivity using the adjustments in the event room or your computer’s volume setting. The volume level for the speakers should not exceed 80% and 60% for the microphone, respectively.
Activate echo cancellation in your sound card settings (this feature is available in most sound cards). The exact steps to perform this depends on the sound card model. In most cases, this can be done via the Control Panel in Windows or the application software installed with the proper card drivers. For some sound cards, you would need to switch to the “optimum for audio conferences/IP telephony” mode to enable echo cancellation. Consult your sound card user guide for more details.
If the audio input devices contain stereo mixer software, you will need to disable or lower the volume to the minimum.
As a last resort, disable all other devices (like line input) except for the microphone.

Usually, these steps are always helpful and fix the echo effect.

Other well-known issues

I'm using iPhone, and I have no sound from the presenters... Solution: Turn the vibration mode off by switching to the ring mode. Read more in this guide from Apple:

I'm using computer, and I have no sound from the presenter on the computer... Solution: Look at the system tray, find the loudspeaker or headphones icon, and make sure that it does not have an «x» on it. If it does have «x,» click on it to open the dialog box, and then click on the icon and adjust the slider for volume.
I can not see the presenter's webcam, or it is very slow or freezing... Solution: Refresh the event page, restart the computer and router or even change your Internet connection.
I can not see the text field where I can write my message to send it to chat... Solution: Bring the scale of your web browser window back to 100%.
Absence of audio and video signal from the presenter... Solution: First, ensure that the presenters have already started the event. And second, ensure that no proxy server is getting in the way, as this may limit your ability to accept video and audio streams.

Additional information

The information provided in this attendee user guide should give you the basic knowledge to successfully attend and participate in the events held on our platform.

If you still have questions or issues, we invite you to refer to our technical support and provide more in-depth information on specific aspects of the case. In this case, we will help you solve the issue and successfully participate in the event.

In this article, we provide more information about our online support:

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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