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Webinar attendee guide

Table of contents

Getting started
Joining a webinar
Requirements to attend a webinar
Steps to join a webinar
Joining a webinar from a mobile device
Webinar interaction and customisation options
How to speak during the webinar
Troubleshooting webinar technical issues
Running a system test
Common reasons for being unable to enter the webinar room
Resolving the echo effect
Other potential issues
Further information

Getting started

This guide provides the essential details you need to join and actively engage in a MyOwnConference webinar.

Joining a webinar

If you encounter the message displayed below, you've used an incorrect webinar link.

Registering a free account with MyOwnConference is not necessary. Only hosts need to register. To attend a webinar, simply use the link provided in the email from the webinar organisers or through other communication channels like messaging apps or social media.

What should you do if the link isn't functioning?

Verify the link; it should resemble *
Try copying and pasting the link into your browser again.
If it still doesn't work, contact the webinar organiser via social media, messaging apps, or email.

* The domain might vary if the webinar organiser has enabled the "Custom domain" feature.

Requirements to attend a webinar

For a seamless webinar experience, you'll need:

A computer, smartphone, or tablet with an internet connection of at least 10 Mbit/s.
Avoid downloading or streaming other content during the webinar.
Close unnecessary browser tabs.
Temporarily disable applications that might slow down your internet connection, such as Skype.

Steps to join a webinar

Step №1

Around 5-10 minutes prior to the webinar's commencement, click on the link you received from the webinar organiser.

Step №2

Upon clicking the link, you'll encounter an authorisation form in your browser. Fill this out to gain access to the webinar.

Step №3

After inputting the necessary information, click the “Login” button

Alternatively, you can join using a social media account. To do this, click on the appropriate social media icon

Remember to accept cookies by clicking on “I agree,” in case Google Tag Manager was activated by the webinar organiser.

Joining a webinar from a mobile devices

It's simple to join a MyOwnConference webinar via mobile. Click the link from the organiser, fill in your details on the authorisation page, and you're in!

Note: If there's no audio during the webinar on your iPhone, ensure the vibration mode is off.

Webinar interaction and customisation options

Once inside the webinar room, you can customise your view.

For example, to adjust language settings, click on the “Flag” icon

If you want a full-screen view of the keynote or other presentations, click on the corresponding icon

For a list of attendees, click the three-bar icon on the menu section "Room settings"

Please Note: During the webinar, maintain respect for the presenter and fellow participants. Disruptive attendees may be removed by the organiser.

How to speak during the webinar

If you wish to speak, click the “Ask to speak” button if provided

When prompted by the presenter, confirm your desire to contribute.

Troubleshooting webinar technical issues

Potential issues include:

Difficulty entering the webinar room.
Inability to see or hear the presenter.
Experiencing an echo during audio.
Problems with the text chat.

Most issues can be rectified by ensuring your browser supports HTML5 and disabling problematic extensions like AdBlock, uBlock, uMatrix, and so on.
Also, in many cases, clearing your browser's cache can resolve the problem.

Running a system test

Before attending a webinar, run a system test to ensure your equipment meets the necessary criteria. This will diagnose potential issues in advance.

Common reasons for being unable to enter the webinar room

You may have been banned by the presenter. Contact them directly in this instance.
Your network security might be restrictive. Check with your IT department or with your ISP.

Resolving the echo effect

If there's an echo during the webinar, the following steps can usually rectify the problem:

Use headphones
Adjust the volume or microphone sensitivity
Activate echo cancellation via your sound card settings
4 Disable extraneous audio inputs

Other potential issues

Cannot hear the presenter – Check your system's audio settings.
Problems with video feed – Refresh the webinar page or check your internet connection.
Can't see the chat – Adjust your browser zoom to 100%.
Unable to see keynotes – Ensure your computer's date settings are correct.
Absence of audio and video – A proxy server could be blocking streams. Adjust your settings.

Further information

This guide should sufficiently prepare you for a MyOwnConference webinar.
For more details or assistance, check our FAQs or contact our Technical Support.

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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