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Initiating a broadcast during an event

Table of contents

Initiating a broadcast on Windows
Microsoft Edge
Opera for Windows
Firefox for Windows
Google Chrome for Windows
Initiating a broadcast on macOS
Apple Safari
Opera for macOS
Firefox for macOS
Google Chrome for macOS
Adjusting broadcast settings
Troubleshooting of webcam and microphone issues
Concluding the broadcast
Further assistance

Initiating a Broadcast on Windows

To begin a broadcast on Windows, navigate to your webinar room and click on the «Speak» button. The steps thereafter are dependent on the browser you are using.

Microsoft Edge

To use Microsoft Edge for broadcasting, approve the use of your webcam and microphone on the popup appearing on

If permission is not granted, modify the browser settings to permit the website to access your webcam and microphone.

Opera for Windows

When using Opera, a notification from will appear requesting access to your webcam and microphone once the «Speak» button is clicked.

If access is refused, click on the webcam icon in the search bar to clear the current settings and refresh the tab, following the on-screen instructions.

Firefox for Windows

Upon clicking the «Speak» button, grant the necessary permissions for your webcam and microphone to be used.

In case multiple webcams or microphones are connected to your device, select the preferred one from the list. If permissions are denied, remove the "Temporarily Blocked" settings in the "Permissions" section found in the browser's address field.

Google Chrome for Windows

After pressing the «Speak» button, permit the browser to access your webcam and microphone.

If access is denied, click on the webcam icon in the address bar to select and allow your webcam and microphone.

Initiating a Broadcast on macOS

To start a broadcast on macOS, the initial step is similar to Windows, i.e. navigate to your webinar room and hit the «Speak» button. The ensuing actions vary based on the browser in use.

Apple Safari

In Safari, whether you can immediately start broadcasting after clicking the «Speak» button depends on your existing browser settings.

If access is denied, open the browser preferences, navigate to the Websites tab, and under the Camera option in the left pane, select "Allow" adjacent to the browser address bar. Repeat the process for the "Microphone" section before restarting the browser.

Opera for macOS

Similarly, on Opera for Microsoft Windows, a notification from will request access to your webcam and microphone post clicking the «Speak» button.

If access is denied, follow the prompt to clear the settings and refresh the tab as instructed.

Firefox for macOS

Allow the usage of your webcam and microphone after pressing the «Speak» button.

If denied access, locate and remove the "Temporarily Blocked" option in the "Permissions" section through the address field of your browser.

Google Chrome for macOS

Upon hitting the «Speak» button, the browser will seek permission to utilise the webcam and microphone.

If permission is denied, click on the webcam icon in the search bar to select and authorize your webcam and microphone.

Adjusting Broadcast Settings

Once live, the broadcast mode can be altered using the «Speak» button. To modify webcam and microphone preferences, select "Webcam & Microphone" from the menu icon situated at the upper right corner.

During the webinar, use this button if you wish to momentarily mute your microphone and then switch it back on to resume broadcasting.

Troubleshooting of the webcam and microphone issues

Often, a broadcast may not proceed smoothly due to webcam or microphone issues. If you encounter problems:

Ensure your devices are properly connected and functioning.
Check if another application is using the webcam or microphone.
Refresh the browser or restart your computer.
Clear your browser cache.
Ensure the website has the necessary permissions.
Update the browser to its latest version or try a different browser.

Concluding the broadcast

To conclude the broadcast, simply click the «Speak» button again. It's vital to remember to always sign out from the webinar room after your session.

Wishing you successful webinars!

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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